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Black Panther Party

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: 670 __ |a Wikipedia, Oct. 7, 2021 |b (The Black Panther Party (BPP), originally the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, was a Black Power political organization founded by college students in October 1966 in Oakland, California; the party was active in the United States between 1966 and 1982, with chapters in many major cities and international chapters in Britain and Algeria) |u

Found in 18 Collections and/or Records:

all ready on the LEFT (vol. 1, no. 1), 1970-08

Scope and Contents [cover art of minoritized peoples and laborers holding flag with text "we are all out-laws in the eyes of America"]; "If you dig doing this, you'll have to..." [journal entry from Marine Corps member]; "Serve the People, Stop the Pig" [testimony of journey into peace movement by Marine and M.D.M. member]; "Pigleton censorship fucks you!" [Main Exchange records, books, patriotic bumperstickers, and similar items for sale]; "America: Where Are You Now?" [red-baiting and racial division]; "Dare...
Dates: Publication: 1970-08

Attitude Check (vol. 2, no. 1), 1970-02

Scope and Contents "Military Moratorium Huge Success: 1,000 Marines March in Oceanside" [march on Recreation Park in Oceanside]; "Political Prisoner: M.D.M Member Busted" [active member of Movement for a Democratic Military, Black Marine Wallace Emory]; "Where have all the taxes gone?" [willful destruction of equipment in Vietnam]; "Red Brothers Rising" [Native American liberation]; "Cry, Pvt. Dunkybird, Cry"; "Base Legal Raps: UCMJ Eats It"; "Political Prisoner Speaks to GI's" [reprinted from the Black...
Dates: Publication: 1970-02

Attitude Check (vol. 2, no. 3), 1970-04

Scope and Contents "USMC suck" [cover art]; "Vancouver, Canada: 1000 march for MDM"; "The Dead Fish Award"; "listen brothers..." [military police stop Oceanside bus, find MDM article on author]; "Panthers and Jane Fonda: MDM Open House" [Fonda and Robert Bryan of the Black Panther Party came to M.D.M. open house at 519 S. Freeman, Oceanside]; "MDM Raps to the People" [meeting by Movement for a Democratic Military at Santa Fe Railroad station for the Green Machine Project, a group of civilans helping set up...
Dates: Publication: 1970-04

Attitude Check (vol. 2, no. 4), 1970-06

Scope and Contents "MDM to bust the chain" [cover art with reprinted memo from E.N. Snyder, area commander]; "People's Armed Forces Day" [1st annual Armed Forces Day, May 16, 1970, in Oceanside, California, included march and speakers including Brother Bull (Green Machine), Robert Bryan (Black Panther Party), Melody, Derald Duncan, Oscar Rios (Los Siete de la Raza), Tito Garcia (active duty and member of M.D.M.]; "The Dead Fish Award"; "MDM Calendar"; "Get Your Kicks With Nightsticks" [Camp Pendleton's...
Dates: Publication: 1970-06

Black Unity (vol. 1, no. 1), 1970-08

Scope and Contents [cover contains artowrk of Black soldier raising rifle in a pose of victory, with text including "We want all Black people to be exempt from military service" and "Free Bobby"]; "from MERCENARY to SERVANT of the PEOPLE" [written by June Hilliard, Asst. Chief of Staff, Black Panther Party]; "to my BLACK BROTHERS" [Black armed revolution/separatism]; "Copliments [sic] to Black Brothers"; "Revolution in the U.S."; "The Trial of Los Siete" [trial of Los Siete de la Raza (Jose Rios, Nelson...
Dates: Publication: 1970-08

Black Unity (vol. 1, no. 2), 1970-09

Scope and Contents "We want all Black men to be exempt from military service"; "Cliff Mansker, Prisoner of War, Camp Pendelton Brig USMC; To go from mercenary to servant of the people" [article about Cliff Mansker, held in Camp Pendleton's maximum security unit for Black liberatory activities]; "U.S. Prisoners of War" [Soledad Brothers (George Jackson, Fleeta Drumgo, and John Cluchette); Bobby Seale; Chip Fitzgerald (Romaine "Chip" Fitzgerald); Los Siete De La Raza (Jose Rios, Nelson Rodriguez, Mario Martinez,...
Dates: Publication: 1970-09

Good Morning Teaspoon (Vol. 4, No. 3), 1968-02-21

Scope and Contents "'Hip' Barred at Border" [satirical article about hippies being turned away by Mexican authories]; "Black Student Council Honors Malcom X"; "Sailors Duped in Pot Bust: 11 Charged"; "Free Huey [Newton, Minister of Defense, Black Panther Party]; "SMC Conference Student Strike" [Student Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam]; "Irresolute Faculty Does It Again" [Faculty Senate at San Diego State College defeat Vietnam War resolutions]; "You're Free To Go" [police harassment at traffic...
Dates: Publication: 1968-02-21

San Diego Door to Liberation (vol. 1, no. 25), 1969-04-24

Scope and Contents "Sexual Freedom Comes to S.D." [New local chapter of Sexual Freedom League holds first open house meeting; Tom Palmer, Executive Director, spoke]; Schools in Turmoil" [Lincoln High School campus closure, Black and Chicanx student walkouts at other campuses, student protests, class boycotts]; "Sexual Freedom Bill" [fact sheet on Assembly Bill 743, Assemblymen Brown and Burton]; "Dr. John Ford on Lincoln Hassle" [Ford was a member of the State Board of Education, he spoke regarding the police...
Dates: Publication: 1969-04-24

San Diego Door to Liberation (vol. 1, no. 26), 1969-05-08

Scope and Contents [reprinted pictorial from Harper's Weekly "Military Glory"]; "Hippie Rebellion" [Dr. Kingsley Widmer, teacher at San Diego State College, talks with the Door about the day's youth]; "Editorial: Poverty"; "mother's day"; "bag of beads: the abominable body" [satire about clothing and nakedness]; "Freedom of the Press at Clairemont High" [Clairmont High School attempts to start a student paper]; "Report on SDS National Council" [Students for a Democratic Society gives support to Black Panther...
Dates: 1969-05-08

San Diego Door to Liberation (vol. 1, no. 27), 1969-05-22

Scope and Contents "Aztec Bowl Flushes Out Sounds" [Taratula/Santana/Lee Michaels/Grateful Dead/Canned Heat concert]; "Chicano Power" [Logan Heights to downtown march, May 10]; "Bag of Beads"; "Letters to the Editor"; "Judge Earl J. Cantos: Staunch Defender of Freedom of the Press and Right to Dissent"; "Panthers Solve Paste Problem" [re: Cleveland Black Panthers school lunch program]; "The Student as [N-word]" [reprint of Los Angeles Free Press article; critical view of student experience at Cal State L.A.];...
Dates: 1969-05-22