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American Servicemen’s Union

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: 670 __ |a NUCMC data from Wayne State Univ. Walter P. Reuther Lib. for GI underground press collection, 1967-1971 |b (American Servicemen’s Union) 670 __ |a Encyc. of assoc., 1988 |b (American Servicemen’s Union - address unknown since 1978)

Found in 2 Collections and/or Records:

all ready on the LEFT (vol 2., no. 1), 1971-04

Scope and Contents "Calley: War Criminal or Hero?" [William Calley, found guilty of 22 Vietnamese civilian prisoners]; "the Other Side of the POW Story" [recollection of Virginia R. Warner of the National League of Families of Prisoners of War; "Welcome to the Brig" [the brig as institutionalized fear tactic in the Marines]; "A Laosy Invasion"; "Back to the Old KKKorps" [change on base, harassment]; "Mutiny at Khe Sahn"; [cartoons]; "People's Peace Treaty: Joint Treaty of Peace Between the People of the United...
Dates: Publication: 1971-04

San Diego Free Door to Liberation (vol. 1, no. 37), 1969-10-22

Scope and Contents "Door Liberated From Price Tag"; "Bag of Beads"; "Screenings"; "From the Other Side of the Tracks" [heroin, the drug war, and minority control]; "Eight-Point Program of the American Serviceman's Union" [Collective bargaining, election of officers, end of saluting and sirring of officers, federal minimum wages, end to racism in the armed forces, self-determination of Black people and Puerto Rico, rank and file control over court-martial boards, right of free political association, right to...
Dates: Publication: 1969-10-22