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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 13 Collections and/or Records:

Bridge Over the Border/Puente: Cross-border Bulletin/Boletino Informativo Transfronterizo, 1985-06

Scope and Contents

Library holdings are one issue. Text in English and Spanish bound dos-a-dos, photos, news, resources. Newsletter bulletin for Latinx workers on both sides of the border. Articles: Film Processing Company: Moving from Los Angeles to Mexicali but What Chemicals are Coming With It?; Superior Industries Workers: A Bridge from Van Nuys to Tijuana; Superior Industries in Van Nuys and Tijuana; Why the Bridge? [editorial]; Assembly Plants: The Labor Unions in Mexico; and Boycott Grapes - Again.

Dates: Publication: 1985-06

OB Rag (vol. 5, no. 4), 1975-03

Scope and Contents "Aliens and the 'Border Problem'," "Letters to the RAG," "1975 Official Bell Telephone Credit Card Score," "The Power of the People is the Force of Life [Photograph]," "SWAT Murder in Oceanside," "o.b. heritage part 3: The Racist Saga of the Cliff House Hotel," "The People Answer [question: What do you think of community control of police]," "Gallo's Hurting [Re: United Farm Workers boycott of Gallo wines]," "An open letter from Charles Terrel [re: Oceanside SWAT murder of Leland Dale...
Dates: Publication: 1975-03

Prensa Popular (vol. 1, no. 2), 1973-11-26

Scope and Contents "Chicanos and Arabs... Victims of Aggression"; "Pete Wilson Blind To Deportations, Seeks Political Power Instead" [police Chief Ray Hoobler and mass deportations; profile of Mayor Pete Wilson's rise to power in San Diego and actions against Chicano community]; "UC-MECHA Conference" [discord at conference at UC-Riverside for state-wide U.C. Mechas, included in article are the majority position and minority position from conference regarding the ideology of U.C. Mecha, and a critique by the...
Dates: Publication: 1973-11-26

Prensa Popular (vol. 1, no. 3), 1974-01-29

Scope and Contents "Braceros Sought Amidst Deportations" [talk of reopening Bracero program or something similar, exploitation of farm labor]; "Partial Israeli Withdrawl No Solution"; "L.J. [La Jolla] Council Fears Minority Pollution" [La Jolla Town Council asked to endorse UCSD Third College]; "Third or Muir???" [UCSD Third College proposal to eliminate "basic three quarter sequence of Third World Studies, Urban and Rural Studies and Communication"]; "Letters"; UFW Report [Gallo wine strike]; "Boycott...
Dates: Publication: 1974-01-29

Prensa Popular (vol. 1, no. 4), 1974-03-05

Scope and Contents "Chicano Community Fights Deportations" [Interview with Herman Baca, Chicano activist, includes photographs]; "Boycott Demonstrators Picket Gallo H.Q." [mass picket at Gallo Headquarters in Los Angeles; contains photographs]; "Black Nationalism: 'Counter-Revolutionary and Proud'"; "Hero Worship: A Form of Oppression"; "Class Struggle Main Theme of Chicano Conference" [16th Annual High School Chicano Conference, San Diego State University. Keynote speaker was Bert Corona]; "Middle East Issue...
Dates: Publication: 1974-03-05

San Diego Door to Liberation (vol. 1, no. 32), 1969-07-31

Scope and Contents "Teacher Fights School Board: Educators Show Contempt For First" [Robert W. Holden's challenge of the San Diego Unified School District over First Ammendment grounds]; "Door Reporter Gets Marined" [Door reporter Herb Joseph detained on way to attend trial of Seaman Thomas Csekey, chared with passing out copies of the "Bond" an antiwar serviceman's newspaper; offense alleged to have happened at Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma, Arizona.]; "Bag of Beads" [Apollo 11; John Birchers; Encounter;...
Dates: 1969-07-31

The Door (Vol. 3, No. 1), 1971-06-09

Scope and Contents [Comics: V-8 Hijinks, Fourth Estate Funnies, Weird Romances, Studly, Little Ingrid]; "Reader's Soapbox: Hippies & Colour"; [Letters to the Editor]; "The Black and White Experience"; "Short Notes: PRG [Provisionary Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam] & FBI; Stawberry UFWOC [United Farm Worker Organizing Committee]; Military; Bobby Seale & Ericka Huggins; Witches [Anne Steward, teacher retiring after being accused of being a witch]; "Harpoon Man" [Hawaii Harpoon undergound...
Dates: Publication: 1971-06-09

The Door (Vol. 3, No. 15), 1971-12-23

Scope and Contents "Newton Freed" [Huey P. Newton, founder of the Black Panther Party]; "Coalition Prepares for Republican Convention" [presidential convention, originally slated to be held in San Diego]; "Letters to the Editor"; "Nader Raider Visits San Diego" [Dr. Joseph Highland pushing for creation of a California PIRG, Public Interest Research Group]; "Veterans Organize Union" [San Diego Veterans' Union]; "French Women March" [organizers Women's Liberation Movement and the Movement for the Freedom of...
Dates: Publication: 1971-12-23

The Door (Vol. 4, No. 11), 1972-12-02

Scope and Contents "Local Monopolies Face Investigation" [John Allesio, Lompoc bribery case]; "Red Squad Terror" [7-11 store boycott by San Diego State University, San Diego Police Department harassment]; "Shorts" [Venceremos Members on Trial; Golden Hills Food Co-op]; "Plans for P.O.W.'s" [Operation Egress Recap"; "Wilson Rips Off $30,000" [Congressman Bob Wilson]; "George Hoover Trial: Sao Sniper Convicted" [Secret Army Organization; Hoover shot into home of Peter Bohmer and wounded Paula Tharp];...
Dates: Publication: 1972-12-02

The Door (Vol. 4, No. 18), 1973-03-22

Scope and Contents "Boycott Meat... The White House Won't!" [California Consumers Union and other orgs call for national boycott of meat due to soaring meat prices]; "Shorts"; "dear door:"; "Door in Court" [small claims court suit against Foodmaker, Inc. over missing vending machine]; "San Diego 10: IRS Strikes Again" [John Heck and nine others arrested in protest against IRS]; "back in u.s.: Karl Armstrong" [facing charges for 1970 bombing of the Army Math Research Center at the University of Wisconsin;...
Dates: Publication: 1973-03-22