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Civil rights demonstrations

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Use for demonstrations that happen in multiple locations. For demonstrations in one location, use geographic subheading.

Found in 3 Collections and/or Records:

OB Rag (vol. 5, no. 4), 1975-03

Scope and Contents "Aliens and the 'Border Problem'," "Letters to the RAG," "1975 Official Bell Telephone Credit Card Score," "The Power of the People is the Force of Life [Photograph]," "SWAT Murder in Oceanside," "o.b. heritage part 3: The Racist Saga of the Cliff House Hotel," "The People Answer [question: What do you think of community control of police]," "Gallo's Hurting [Re: United Farm Workers boycott of Gallo wines]," "An open letter from Charles Terrel [re: Oceanside SWAT murder of Leland Dale...
Dates: Publication: 1975-03

Teaspoon Door (Vol. 1, No. 20), 1969-02-14

Scope and Contents Black Man In America: Chronology & Milstones of the Black Man in America from 1492 to 1966, In Commemoration of Afro-American Emphasis Week in San Diego, Feb 10-17; Peace Pilgrim Plods to Pacific; Editorial ; TD Interview with Suspected Undercover Policeman; The Demise of Ramparts [liberal Catholic quarterly]; HIPpocrates: Widening the Generation Gap; Isolation and Intervention -- Dr. Fred Warner Neal; The Drug Thing' Movie Review [Romeo and Juliet]; Where to Buy Teaspoon Door;...
Dates: Publication: 1969-02-14

Voz Fronteriza (vol. 3, no. 2), 1977-11

Scope and Contents "20,000 Demonstrate Across the Country / El Pueblo se Levanta Contra Bakke" [Supreme Court decision on Bakke]; "San Ysidro: INS - KKK Collusion 2,000 Protest"; "20 de Noviembre: Dia de Resistencia, Dia de Unidad / November 20th: Day of Resistance, Day of Unity" [1910 Mexican Revolution]; "We Salute" [Bakke decision]; "Despite Disruption: National Conference Demands Unconditional Amnesty [resistance to President Carter's amnesty; National Chicano/Latino Conference on Immigration and Public...
Dates: Publication: 1977-11